Re-think of my job hunting

Recent days, I got rejections from several famous investment bank. Some I didn’t pass the online exams, some I got phone interviews but I blew them.

I am upset by this fact. However, it is a good time to re-think what I have done, and to prepare for a better chance in the future:

  1. Make a better resume. I just tried to make the resume beautiful, however, what it contains is much more important than what it looks like.
  2. Prepare for all the basic (as well as most important!) knowledge. Late is better than never. Star preparing right now.
  3. Be mature. Mature means you are a grown man, you are the one others can trust with, you are the one others are willing to work with.
  4. Improve time management skill. There are HUGE amounts of things to do. You can waste time, if you want to regret. Spend your time wisely in building a better yourself.
  5. Don’t give up. Never lose your mind. Never lose your temper. Never lose your confidence. Believe you are smart enough and start trying again.
  6. Keep smiling. You are still you! You can lose when you can afford to lose! Keep running! Keep fighting!

If you are also looking for a job right now, I would like to share above thoughts with you, and to wish you a good luck.


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