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How to work on weekends

Recently I get tremendous things to finish, so I have to work on weekends. However, the more I would like to work, the less I could do. Normally I just wasted time here and there, and I could enjoy neither working nor playing.

Before I doing anything this weekend, I tell myself to think through. Here’s some rules I have at heart:

  1. Remember you are working. Quit your QQ, MSN, Gtalk, etc. Close your Facebook, Twitter, Renren, etc.
  2. Make a plan. A plan is like a map, guide you through different tasks you have to finish.
  3. Relax and enjoy working on the weekends! You are doing things on your own! You work because you have goals! Come on man, be passionate!
  4. Give yourself some treats. You can told yourself, I will go to a outdoor concert as long as I can finish the tasks.

Now I am about to work. Wish you all can have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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